Midland Resource Recovery

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) is the North American leader in odorant equipment decommissioning for the natural gas industry, as well as an established provider of mercaptan odorant delivery and transfers.

Midland Resource Recovery offers permanent and environmentally sound treatment solutions for odorant-contaminated obsolete natural gas equipment.

In 1996, MRR started its business by identifying odorant decommissioning as an area of concern and took a proactive approach to find a long-term solution to an industry-wide problem. In 2003, MRR established a processing site in Midland, Texas. In order to serve the East Coast clients in a more efficient way, in 2005 MRR established an equipment processing facility and odorant distribution center in Philippi, WV.

MRR dedicates its expertise to excellence in service and commitment to safety and environmental quality.
MRR has a clean track-record of incident-free work, both on client sites and at our facilities.

MRR offers a broad range of services for the natural gas industry, specializing in gas odorization needs:

Odorant deliveries and transfers using state-of-the-art HAZMAT 2400-gal truck or 50-120 gal cylinders

Turn-key site decommissioning and off-site treatment of all odorant-contaminated equipment

• On-site processing of residual odorant either for re-use or hazardous waste disposal

• On-site chemical treatment and decommissioning of non-transportable odorant equipment

• Turn-key installation of temporary odorization stations (odorizer, tank, odorant, secondary containment)

• Turn-key transition from old to new odorization system, including decommissioning, installation, odorant storage and odorant delivery

• Odorant tank relocation

Emergency response to odorant spills; Biological and chemical treatment of contaminated soil and water

• Odorant storage facility in Northeastern US. Temporary odorant storage on MRR tank farm available to MRR clients

Off-shore odorant delivery to LNG ships

Natural gas pipeline pickling

Manufacture of carbon filters

• Mercaptan-specific odor-kill liquids and masking agents: Deomer and Mask-O

Odorant spill kits

• Rental of odorization equipment (tanks, odorizers)

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